The Power of His Resurrection

“That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection.”  Philippians 3:10

“The power of His resurrection.”  What does this mean to you? Have you experienced it? Have you felt it? Have you seen it? Have you heard it? Have you tasted it? Have you touched it?

The power of Jesus Christ’s resurrection is not an idea or theory presented by ancient theologians. It is a present reality, if we will believe it and we seek for it.

If we seriously study the Scriptures, we will find that the power that came through the resurrection of Jesus Christ was palpable.  People saw it (even from a distance). People heard and felt it (in a rushing, mighty wind). People were literally touched by it (when they were “slain in the Spirit”). When we have the fulness of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ operating  in our churches and in our individual lives, IT WILL TOUCH OUR SENSES.

And it will change us. In my life, I have seen the power of His resurrection change lives.  I’ve seen it set people free from severe addictions. I’ve seen it make mean people nice. I’ve seen it cause chronic thieves to confess to their victims. I’ve seen it make domestic violence perpetrators into good spouses and parents. I’ve seen it make miserable people joyful. I’ve seen it make mean drunks into gospel preachers!

You may say, “Well, I have never been or done any of the above!”  That is not so! At the very least, every one of us has been mean-spirited, sometimes even being mean to ourselves! But by God’s excellent grace, the power of His resurrection can change even that.

If you know anyone, no matter how hopeless they seem to be, who needs to be set free, you should start praying for them daily and then invite them to church. That is where you will see the power of His resurrection in their lives.

The greatest power of His resurrection
will be seen when He raises us up on the Last Day!



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